Reading EventViewer from the Command-Line

Using wmic

The wmic NTEVENT command can be used to dump out the contents of EventViewer logs to the command-line. Here’s an example: wmic NTEVENT WHERE "LogFile='security' AND TimeGenerated > '20100709173000.000000-300'"

The TimeGenerated is NOT epoch, but is a string in the form of YYYYMMDDHHmmSS.uuuuuu-ZZZ where:

Label Meaning
Y Year
M Month
D Day
H Hour
m Minute
S Second
u Microsecond
- Literally, a -
Z Timezone offset in minutes from UTC (not hours)

It’s also possible to add a GET to the query like so: wmic NTEVENT WHERE "LogFile='security' AND TimeGenerated > '20100709173000.000000-300'" GET TimeGenerated

And here’s how to output as a CSV file: wmic NTEVENT WHERE "LogFile='security' AND TimeGenerated > '20100709173000.000000-300'" GET TimeGenerated,User /format:csv

See also:

WMITools.exe can do a lot of this stuff, but practically locks up my system.

Using Microsoft Log Parser

Microsoft has a tool called Log Parser that can can also parse the event logs.


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